Top 6 Immune System Boosters

1) Regular chiropractic care   Research shows that removing or reducing nerve pressure boosts organ function. Because the spleen and liver are the backbone of our immune system, this means that regular Chiropractic treatments help boost our immune systems. Because the nerves also control vasoconstriction and vasodilation, keeping the spine and nervous system in balanced harmony also improves circulation, which […]

Tips to Lose Weight or Maintain a Stable Weight

  As we all adjust to our new way of living, many of us have experienced the “COVID 15” weight gain. I have compiled some tips that have helped me personally maintain a healthy weight for many years, and throughout the pandemic.   1) Walk briskly 5-10 minutes after every meal. This helps to: Aid digestion Increase metabolism 10-15% (extremely […]

Allergies? Flu? or COVID-19? plus Testing!

This is an important question to answer and one that can bring a little bit of calm to you. Have you been at the grocery store and had to sneeze or cough and then have someone give you the look? Everyone is on edge about any type of symptom that may represent coronavirus, and this is creating a lot of […]

Natural Remedies for Sciatic Pain

  “Sciatica” is an older term describing the symptoms of inflammation of the sciatic nerve, also known as sciatic neuritis. Sciatica involves radiating pain down the back of one lower extremity, usually including the back of the thigh and back of the calf, possibly extending into the foot. Sciatica pain may be described as sharp, shooting, gnawing, and/or burning, and […]

Repetitive Motion Injuries

A repetitive motion injury (or overuse injury) involves doing an action over and over again, as with a baseball pitcher throwing a baseball, a tennis player hitting a tennis ball, typing at a computer keyboard, and most notoriously, typing with your thumbs on the tiny keypad of your phone. It may be reasonably asserted that our musculoskeletal systems were not […]

Learning From History

Whether we’re driving a car, riding a bike, or trying to record a spare at our local bowling alley, our musculoskeletal system bases its decision-making on past history, that is, what it has learned before. Drawing on years of experience, recorded deep within our muscle memory, we’re able to avoid an unexpected obstacle in the middle of the road, or […]

A Simple Method to Decompress

How many times have you gone to your medical doctor and been told…”In order to get better, you’re going to have to find a way to reset your nervous system so that it recoups from the stress of regular life.” Most likely…never! At most, doctors will say, “Of course stress affects your health”, as they write you a prescription for a drug. […]

Chiropractic Care Instead of Opioids?

New Hampshire Study Concludes That Patients Who Receive Chiropractic Care are 55% Less Likely to Require Opioid Prescriptions.   OBJECTIVE: Pain relief resulting from services delivered by doctors of chiropractic may allow patients to use lower or less frequent doses of opioids, leading to reduced risk of adverse effects. The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the association between […]

Opioid Addiction Epidemic

Opioids Misuse and Addiction: How Chiropractic Can Help Thirty-five-year-old Megan presented with chronic neck and upper back pain. Megan’s pain began four years earlier, following a car accident where she injured her cervical spine and upper thoracic spine. The pain became a daily part of Megan’s routine. When she became pregnant with her first child, she was taking opioid pain […]

Slowing Brain Aging with Vitamin B12

An important study appeared in JAMA Psychiatry in June 2016, providing additional evidence that high blood levels of vitamin B12 can slow the shrinking of the brain that commonly occurs after age 60. Previous studies have shown that vitamin B12 and other B vitamins (folic acid and vitamin B6) can slow the rate of brain atrophy in older subjects with […]