Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Certain substances increase prostaglandin’s formation, which then increased inflammation. There are other foods that are high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and/or antioxidants. All of these substances can help reduce inflammation.

Foods to Avoid:


Red meat

Dairy products

Refined grain products:

Ex. White flour pasta, white rice, etc.



Fruit Juice


(Restricted to 3 whole fruits per day)

3 fruits

Focus on these foods:


Especially Halibut and wild Salmon. Farm raised Salmon is full of dye and low in omegas. Halibut and wild Salmon are high in omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation.


High in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Organic chicken and turkey


Especially dark green, bright yellow, and orange vegetables which are high in anti-oxidants.

flaxseed and oil

Flax seed and Flax seed oil:

High in omega 3 fatty acids. Do not cook with flax oil or the fatty acids will be destroyed. Sprinkle on cold cereal or fruit; put in soymilk smoothies. Make flax seed tea.



Whole grains:

Especially organic sprouted whole grain breads like those made by “Alvarado Street Bakery”- found at most supermarkets. Many other whole grains are available besides whole wheat, i.e. corn, millet, brown rice, amaranth, oats, rye, quinoa, barley, etc. Read the whole list of ingredients. If it does not say “whole wheat” or “stone-ground whole wheat” then it’s not whole grain. “White” flour is disguised using the terms “unbleached flour,” “wheat flour,” “all natural.” If the product has “0 gm” of fiber in it, it’s not whole grain.